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About Us

RDmes is a spin-off from Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) founded in 2006 with the central objective of developing a commercial tool-set integrated in a Technical Virtual Office. These tools allow the design through the web in an autonomous, centralized and tailored way of components and systems of Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Engineering such as: Solar Thermal Energy, Geothermal Energy, Photovoltaic Energy, Thermal Loads and Energy Efficiency Systems for buildings, Thermal Engines and Machines, Biomass, Biofuels, etc.

The technological basis of our company has been designed following a generic approach based on the implementation of the modern engineering methodology in which Physics, Mathematical Models, Computerized Numerical Models and Prototyping and Testing are integrated. The application to specific cases and challenges is achieved through tailoring this technological base, bringing the possibility to face any problem related to Fluid Mechanics and allowing a wide range of sectors in which the application of this technology offers high performance potential: construction, transport, energy, engines, electronics, climatology, biotechnology, aeronautics, etc.

Our Vision

... is that the companies and institutions working in the Fluid Mechanics field would technologically evolve through an application of the modern engineering methodology, becoming leading references at international level.

Our Mission

... is to develop a leading technological base in the field of Fluid Mechanics aiming to satisfy current and future needs in the sector, becoming a referent R&D&I partner through using our Technical Virtual Office as main communication channel.

Our Objective

... is to facilitate R&D&I investment concentration by the companies operating in the the Fluid Mechanics sector. RDmes will offer a higher profitability on your R&D&I investments, providing high quality technology and allowing a cost-effectiveness improvement on your internal design and development processes.


We are growing and writting our own history.




Our Team

RDmes team holds a solid experience in applied research in the relevant fields of activity of the company: Fluid Mechanics (Computational and Experimental), Solar Thermal Energy, Heat and Mass Transfer, Computer Engineering, Thermal Systems, Energy, Combustion processes.

Our previous intensive experience on Scientific Project's preparation, execution and management both at National and International level is our best guarantee to face new challenges and projects.

Clients & Alliances

RDmes strategy is focused in becoming a high-perfomance technology partner of our clients. That positioning means that our sales policy is based on the application of low pricing in all our projects and services, using the Technical Virtual Office platform as a communication channel and aiming to a maximum tailorisation to customer needs.

In compensation to this low cost approach based in internalizing R&D&I expenditures, RDmes has established a fidelity based relationship with its customers in which we give maximum priority to become our customers technological partner through special agreements, stablishing royalties upon new jointly developed products, compensations on an objective achievement basis or share acquisition and participation.

Work With Us

RDmes is a leading-edge technological company in its field. At RDmes, we are always looking for interesting skilled profiles that can fit in our team and wish to work on a growing-technological company.

Email us your CV.

Modern Mechanical Engineering

In Modern Engineering, any innovation project related to processes and products requires the application of a methodology based in the combination of 4 knowledge fields:

The engineering tool set developed at RDmes allow the holistic implementation of this modern methodology in thermo-energetic equipment and systems. The essential features of these applications can be summarized as:

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics is the study of all the processes or products in which there is a movement of liquids and gases, where there's a heat and cool contribution or in which the temperature control is essential.

This includes a wide majority of technological sectors, from building design with energy consumption minimization purposes to the design of microchips for avoiding overheating, as well as all transport modalities, all energetic sectors, food conservation, climatology, biotechnology, etc. This is the reason why Fluid Mechanics is one of the fields with higher technological innovation potential.

Being based on the application of basic principles of mass conservation, energy and movement quantities, Fluid Mechanics require of the solution of very complex mathematical equations.

The resolution of these equations in practical frameworks has been possible just in recent times thanks to the use of modern computers and specialized calculation programmes. Now is possible to gather in few seconds computerized solutions to technological issues that required, few years ago, the construction of long series of prototypes.

The application of the Modern Methodology is based then in the intensive use of computer solutions, broadening the access to innovation to a high number of companies thanks to the significant reduction on the innovation costs.

Green Technology

The concept of Green Technology (otherwise Green Energy) includes a high variety of technologies using natural energy sources such as direct sunlight, organic material as fuel, wind, water, accumulated heat on earth and shores. We can include inside this field: solar-thermal energy, photovoltaic, geothermal energy, biomass, biofuels, wind power, etc.

In this sense, Solar Thermal Energy refers to those systems that use direct solar energy as the source to generate a thermal process in which materials are heated or their physical state modified to produce thermal energy (in a vaporisation process, for example). This thermal energy can also be converted into another energy form depending on the final application purposes: hot water, heating and air-conditioning, temperature control for swimming pools, industrial processing heat, etc.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

RDmes holds wide experience in developing and implementing numerical tools for the analysis and resolution of technological processes related to the heat and mass transfer and Fluid Dynamics fields in different level of detail: from global analysis to detailed modeling in 3D, known as CFD.

CFD is a sophisticated simulation and analysis technology that uses the mathematical models solved through computing to model the physic of fluids and heat transfer. This technique enables the creation of virtual system prototipes, offering the possibility of analyzing and resolving them in detail without having to implement expensive experimentation.

Online Applications

In RDmes we aim to make day to day easier for our customers, offering the quickest response to needs and problems so their productivity can grow.

This philosophy is at the starting point of our customer approach based on offering our products and services through online applications, followintg the concept of cloud computing.

Our online applications refer to the latest tendencies in software development and service commercialization, thinking in an interconnected world, highly accessible and in a deslocalized way though web browser.

The use of online applications allows us to reach our customers in a fast and direct way, avoiding the everlasting processes of distribution, installation and functioning processes for our products. Therefore, it makes possible to offer ot our customers:

R&D&I Management

"Research, Development and the use of new technologies are key elements for innovation. To incorporate the technological factor, companies have to act upong their own organisation, adjusting their production, mangament and distribution methodologies"

Green Book on Innovation, European Commission

As technology based company, RDmes has based its growing strategy in a maximisation of the existing Science and Technology support schemes at local, national and international level. We are aware of the fact that competitiveness in nowadays global world requires the need to acknowledge the strategical value of innovation an to integrate into its management tools for a proper application and internationalization. In this sense, managing R&D&I has become an essential element of our strategic positioning.

Technical Virtual Office

The Technical Virtual Office concept offered by RDmes is highly innovative, differing from the rest of pages specialised in basic calculations of Fluid Dynamics in the capability of offering an integral, daily updated and strictly tailored service according our customer' needs.

The OTV allows the use of the latest ad-hoc design, documental and database management programmes, counting on a powerful backend that includes hardware (servers and calculation centre) and software managed totally and centrally by RDmes experts.


The tool set integrated in the RDmes are offered as MODULES, being commercialized following the SaaS approach through the purchase of Licenses.


Tailorisation of the contracted MODULES in order to adjust those to the customer' particular technical and commercial needs, and also to its internal standards. Projects include a technological audit of the customer organisation to achieve major adaptation of the relevant processes to the current state of the art processes.

Engineering & Assessment


We plan singular thermal installations using green energies through the application of designing tools at two levels: whole system level through transient detailed calculation; symplified and fast level based in correlative calculation (f-curves concept for solar-thermal systems).

Projects are offered following a multi-stage approach that include:

We offer a specialized consulting service in the application for financial grants, loans and support measures for the implementation of energy efficiency projects.


In-depth analysis of your thermal system, identifying main energetic loss sources, energy efficiency potentialities and possibility of incorporating green energies: heat production sytems for industrial processes, buildings, residential housing, etc.


Analyisis of your thermal system and equipment following a technology vigilance approach towards the state of the art. Tailored technical recommendations in order to achieve significant measurable improvements in your production / cost ratio: heat exchangers, sensitive or latent heat accumulators, solar collectors, blader tanks, isolating materials, heat pumps, etc.

R&D&I Projects

We are specialists in the coordination, management and implementation of R&D&I projects in our areas of expertise. This field of activity is executed in a collaborative approach with several organisations or in an exclusive approach tailored to the needs and demands of our clients through public and private funding.

As technology based company, RDmes counts on qualified personnel with wide experience in the definition, implementation and justification of projects and support actions at multiple levels: local, national and international. Our objective is to assist other SMEs and RTD Public centers in the participation and implementation of scientific and innovation cooperative projects. In this sense, we offer an integral support service in project management for a variety of areas (i.e. Energy, Nanomaterials, Environmental Technology, ICT, Biotechnology):

Our activity field covers the main existing actors and support to science and technology tools, also the specific related to the Energy sector:

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